The most valuable tips and advice about family holidays often come informally or unexpectedly - sometimes friends who've been on similar trips, often our own past mistakes.

We've looked for the most important lessons to know beforehand, leaving as little as possible to find the hard way.

We've concentrated on what people most often complain about once they're back home - the "if only I'd known" things.

We've gathered the collective wisdom of parents who've been through it before and experts who seem worth listening to. It's often obvious, and rarely difficult.  But that doesn't stop it being invaluable if you hadn't thought of it in time.

​This is a growing list.
Please let us what else you'd like to see here.
(Especially if you have an answer!)

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​We'll be adding to our list, but in the meantime, here are some other places where you can find useful tips for family travel.

What Family Travel Problems Really Bug You?

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