Suggested Luggage Products

Ideas for Luggage To Buy For a Family Holiday

Since we've written on what kind of luggage to take for a family holiday, we thought it might  be useful and a time saver to see some options of luggage products that could work. 

How was this list created? 

To come up with this list here's what we did.

Our aim is to reduce the amount of reading & research you have to do by doing it for you.

1. So we looked at brands and luggage products in the various segments

2. We studied a large number of products and brands  first, then  looked at reviews on multiple online sites that sell luggage.

3. Based on the reviews by people who've bought these products, we shortlisted a handful of product options. These are ones that have got a consistently high rating by people who have bought them (4/5 stars minimum). ​

4. The links we've provided are from Amazon since there's no beating them on e-commerce.  ​

5. So you can be reassured that there's been hard work in putting this list together based on objective criteria and genuine feedback.

If any of them interest you, you can find the pricing and buy from Amazon by clicking on the images. 

Cabin Baggage Luggage Products 

For Toddlers & Kids 

For Adults  

Larger Luggage Products (For air travel as checked in luggage or any other trips) 

A soft fabric  strolley suitcase

Soft fabric

If you want distinctive on the belt

Hard shell Samsonite

Hard shell American Tourister