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We save you hour of research, take away the doubts about a place you don't know, and find reliable answers to the most important questions

We've found out what hundreds of families think of dozens of holiday destinations, and selected the ones that consistently get rated as great places to visit with the family.  We've found the information that busy parents say they most need to know when deciding, and put it all in one place.

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Below are 3 places you might want to consider.  ​Check out the rest of our destination guides here.

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Legoland Windsor Legoland Windsor is an ideal destination for families who have children who are lego fans between 3-12 years.[...]
Thorpe Park Opening Times & Handy Information for a Great Family Break
Thorpe ParkThorpe Park is a theme park aimed at teenagers and thrill seeking adults, and conveniently located twenty miles away[...]
London Family Holiday
London Family Holiday If you are considering a London family holiday, it is one of those exceptional cities that can be[...]

Plan & Prepare

Whether you're a seasoned or first-time family traveller, it never hurts to be reminded of the basics. From the smallest detail to the big decisions, we help you get things right before you go.

We've researched the needs and experiences of families travelling, and what has the biggest effect on a holiday being restful or stressful. We've also looked at what first-time family holiday-makers say, and how that changes with experience.  Much of it's obvious, but it can still get overlooked.

We've created guides to common types of family holiday, different aspects of your trip, and areas where parents say things often go wrong. We've also put together simple checklists to save you writing your own lists or keeping it all in your head.  Let us know of other things we should add.

Below are 3 ways you can ensure your family holiday goes smoothly.  ​Check out the rest of our guides and checklists here.

Advice & Tips

Before, during and after every holiday, most of us have at least one "if only I'd known that before" moment.  We've gathered real-life lessons, so you learn from mistakes of others, not the hard way.

The memories of things that go wrong can overwhelm all the things that went well on a holiday, and often it's too late to do anything about them at the time.  Other problems aren't necessarily big, but somehow things we would deal with at home seem that much harder to handle on holiday.

We've looked at lessons that hundreds of parents have shared, and also sought the advice of experts who seem to know their stuff.  From dealing with tantrums to whether to buy wheeled suitcases, we've shared what we've learned.  Let us know if have any thoughts to share or ask about.

Below are 3 topics where parents have shared advice.  ​See the current list here - there are plenty more we'll be adding.