Whether you're a family of globetrotters or looking forward to a first trip with your new baby, we've something for you.

We've researched and gathered experience from hundreds of families, websites, travel companies and experts.

We've organised it conveniently and practically, so you can choose where to go, what to do, and how to buy, avoiding and coping with common family holiday problems.

We're independent and unbiased, and don't sell anything. All our information & advice is totally free of cost.

​We've Done the Hard Work For You To
Avoid Stress
So You Enjoy Your Precious Time Together

Information Overload

Family holidays involve bewildering choices, from where to go to how to book, even what luggage to use.

We've done the hard work for you, saving hours of research on important choices, big and small.

Confirming tickets


Family holidays aren't all enjoyment, especially if things don't all go as expected.

And like Xmas, being with the family 24/7 isn't always as idyllic as we'd like it to be.

​We help you avoid pitfalls, prevent problems before they arise, and minimise holiday stress 


Holidays with the family are different to other holidays we might remember fondly - like student backpacking, romantic getaways or spa break weekends with the girls.

There seems much more to deal with, think about or be ready for.  And ​it's worse if most of the burden usually ends up on the same pair of shoulders all the time.

We share secrets others have learned that allow everyone, including you, to enjoy your holiday.

The Perfect Family Holiday

We've Put Together All You Need To Know On
Where to Go
So You Can Relax When You Get There

Reading & Research

A perfect family holiday means making the right choices on the big and small decisions.  Which means reading, comparing and hoping.

Whose words do you believe or trust, and what hasn't been said?  What could go wrong, what would you do if it does?

Our hundreds of hours of research helps you cut through the noise and confusion.  And it's all free.

We do research for Travellers

Advice & Tips

The Right Questions

Many travel sites are owned by companies who sell holidays, and are designed to help you buy.

We don't sell holidays.  Our site is all about answering the right questions to make your life easier when planning and enjoying your holiday.  We don't charge you a penny.

We're unbiased, independent and knowledgeable.

Free, Practical Help

The difference between bad and good holidays is often small details that have big consequences.

So we've distilled the experience of real families and knowledge of specialists into free tips and advice.

We've also created checklists based on these, so you can avoid learning lessons the hard way.

The Perfect Family Holiday

Our Website Helps You Achieve 
The Perfect Family Holiday 


Ideas & Inspiration

Helping you find & choose the best places to take your family

Destinations that consistently get great feedback from families.  Based on reviews & feedback from several sources.

Destinations organised by where they are and what you can do there.

Guides that tell you what your family really need to know, all in one place.

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Plan & Prepare

How to have the holiday you want, even if not everything goes right

Spontaneity is great, but family holidays are usually better when they're planned.

Guides & information to help make sure you've covered everything you'll need.

Practical checklists you can download, to look after the mundane details that can make all the difference.

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Advice & Tips

Sharing experience, so you don't have to learn the hard way 

Tips and useful suggestions for common situations on family holidays.

Articles on common problems, with inputs from experts and other parents.

Our research on things you might need to buy for your holiday, and where to buy them from.

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How We Fund Our Website

In case you're worried there's a catch because our site is free to use, don't worry - there isn't.  

We've deliberately decided not to sell holidays or charge for our advice, so we can stay independent, unbiased and stay firmly on the side of the travelling family.  You don't pay us anything, and won't pay anything extra if you buy something we recommend.

To cover our costs, we follow exactly the same business model free magazines and newspapers use:

  • ​We might join the affiliate programme of people whose products and services we've found to be good. This means they may pay us a small ​amount if you buy anything from them via a link on our site.
  • If we recommend something that's available in several places, we link to where we think is the best place to buy, which may also have an affiliate programme we'll consider joining.  For products like travel gear etc, we've found that Amazon is usually the safest, quickest and most reliable source.  For hotels, travel and attractions etc we decide case-by-case - sometimes travel portals or travel agents are great, other times we find it's better value or easier to book direct.
  • We will show paid adverts from businesses we think might be useful to you.  They pay us for the number of people who see their adverts, and/or the number of clicks they get to their website from the adverts.
  • If someone we rate wants to sponsor an article, we'll consider it, but will make sure it's clearly labelled, and is fairly written.  
  • Unlike some websites and blogs, we don't do it the other way round - we don't sign up affiliates and advertisers, then write about their products because they're paying us.  With us, if you see something recommended, it's because we've looked carefully at what a family on holiday need, and think it's well worth considering.  For many of these, we won't even have a commercial relationship.
  • The other thing we don't do that others might is sell your personal information to anyone.  We value your privacy, and look after it.