Suggested Baby Travel Gear Products

Ideas for Baby Travel Gear for Family Holiday

Our baby travel gear when on a family holiday article described what to look for when choosing and buying travel gear for your baby or toddler.

If you don't have the time or inclination to look for products that fit the bill, we've done the searching for you. Here are a set of baby travel gear products that other families have found useful, and which should help make family holidays with babies and toddlers stress free. 

We've based our selection on objective criteria and genuine feedback - here's how we chose them:

  • 1. We looked at the leading brands and baby travel gear products in the relevant categories.
  • 2. We studied a large number of products and brands for the features relevant to travel, then looked at reviews on multiple online sites that sell them.  We didn't look at reviews on single-brand stores.
  • ​3. Based on the reviews, we shortlisted a handful of product options. These are ones that have got a consistently high rating by people who bought them (4-5 stars minimum). ​
  • 4. We then found the links to our shortlist on Amazon - we believe there's no beating them on e-commerce, but you can of course find the same product on the store of your choice.

If you're interested in any of them, click on the image for details and price on the Amazon website. 

Baby Carriers

Rather than push a stroller on holiday, there are occasions when a baby carrier, particularly for the infant, has been found to be easier.  Here are some of the best choices from Amazon - click on the images to see full details on the Amazon website.

(Click image to see details on

Best seller and rated highly by hundreds of parents.

(Click image to see details on

#2 on best seller of baby carriers, comes in multiple colours

(Click image to see details on

For the toddler and older baby, with a 100% rating from parents

Other Useful Baby Travel Gear Products

If you are travelling with an infant, then sterilisers, bottle warmers and even chair harnesses are things are essentials on your holiday. 

On best seller list for travel sterilisers

Rated highly by hundreds of parents as a travel steriliser

#1 on bottle warmers

The only car bottle warmer to get a 4 stars even if only by a handful of parents.

Pack of 2 bottle warmers, we like it

Travel Chair Harness

Baby Chair Harness

Travel Potty

Foldable toilet seat

Baby Strollers/Push Chairs/Buggies 

Frequent family travelers with babies or toddlers have found from experience that it makes sense to have a separate stroller/push chair/buggy for trips. This is because any checked in luggage tends to get knocks and bashes. The other is that having a lighter version can be handy too.  

​Have a think of  whether  you'll have lots of stairs to go up and down or will be hopping on and off buses. If these will apply to your holiday, then weight, portability, folding with one hand and fitting into small spaces  will be important factors.

The strollers/push chairs/buggies featured here fall into two categories, the foldable versions and those that also have a car seat. ​

Light weight push chair

Easy fold push chair

Push chair with car seat

The contents of this page were checked and updated in July 2016.  Product details, reviews and ratings may have changed since then, so please check before making any buying decisions based on our research.