London Family Holiday

London Family Holiday 

If you are considering a London family holiday, it is one of those exceptional cities that can be defined as globally cosmopolitan;a place where history is treasured and coexists with cutting edge design and technology. There is so much to do and almost every corner has something to offer as an experience. The historic but technologically advanced public transport network makes absorbing the sights, sounds and tastes easy.

London Family Holiday - London Eye

London at twilight. London eye, County Hall, Westminster Bridge, Big Ben and Houses of Parliament.

The challenge really is how much can you fit into a weekend for a London family holiday. Our answer to that is to recommend doing multiple weekends over a period of time, savoring fresh experiences each time.

We also hope you have a money tree, since as you’ll see below London is expensive ;-). Don’t worry if that isn’t the case, you can still get to see a lot for free.

What to do?

What to Do in London

London Family Holiday - Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, London

Since London is such a large city, we’ve broken things down to things to do into this table that lets you sort by a variety of criteria.

Family Attractions

Things to Do with the Family in London

London Family Attractions

London Musicals

Savour Cuisines


London Family Holiday - Big ben and houses of parliament, UK
Getting there

Getting to London

London is the hub for transportation in the UK and getting to London is easy whether you come by car, bus/coach, train or air.

Get there by Car

Get there by Bus

Get there by Train

Get there by Air

Where to stay

Where to Stay in London

A large city like London has hundreds of options for places to stay. If you choose to stay outside Central London in what's called Greater London, your options multiply several fold.

The convenient public transport system makes it easy to stay 15 minutes away from Central London for a quieter and economical option.

But if you want to experience the bustle of the city, you can choose Central London locations. 

Hotels and BB

Hotels /B&Bs

Need more options for accommodation in London? Click here

Self Catering - Homestays & Serviced Apartments



Serviced Apartments


Lots of Options

The Mews One, SK Apartments

From £65 a night for a family of 4

Lots of Options

From £125 a night

Saco Apartments, City Marque

Lots of Options

Emperor's Gate TownHouse, Chelsea Gate

From £200 a night

Deep Blue Apartments

Few Options

Few Options

Lots of Options

Plenty of Options



If you live in the UK, then you can always come back another time for a visit and so keeping that in mind, we’d recommend doing a handful of things in one particular part of London each day rather than trying to cram it all in.

If you’ve got a tight budget, consider one of the budget options for accommodation since you won’t be spending much time in the place. Why not then consider the free things to do as well as one special thing whether it’s a meal out or an attraction or experience?

What others say

What others say

Every time I visit, I discover new things in London“

This is what the North East Family had to say about visiting the Natural History Museum - "We are big dinosaur fans in our house and it was lovely watching our children putting their knowledge to the test as they were naming the dinosaurs and consolidating everything they have learnt at school."

London tourists in Trafalgar Square UK