Guide to Family Travel Insurance

Guide to Family Travel Insurance

As a single person, you enjoyed fun and spontaneous holidays. Now you are looking at a holiday as a family with your children. You are wondering whether you need to consider taking family travel insurance. Travel insurance exists to take care of those unexpected and dreaded happenings that can destroy a holiday. We’ve put together this guide to family travel insurance because many families have wanted to know something on the basics.

Understanding the essentials before you go out and do comparison shopping or buy, helps you choose the right travel insurance product for your circumstances.

Why You Need Family Travel Insurance

You and your family are healthy, you believe your luggage isn’t worth much and you are unfazed by things like delays in airports. For these reasons you are almost concluding that you probably don’t need a travel insurance.

Guide To Family Travel Insurance

Insurance is all about risk management and experience has shown that having considered even a very unlikely scenario, helps reduce stress that can get caused.

Here’s why we believe you shouldn’t leave home without travel insurance.

1. Accident or injury while on holiday

2. For personal liability cover to assist in a situation where you or your family injure or destroy someone else’s property while on holiday.

3. Illness or death of a loved one means you have to cancel or cut short a holiday

Single or Annual Travel Insurance?

If you do one holiday a year and a short break, you are usually better off buying a single policy each time. However, an annual travel insurance will be more cost effective if you do more trips. Also, an annual travel insurance lets you do a spontaneous trip without having the hassle to remember to sort out the travel insurance at the time.

7 Things to Consider For Your Family Travel Insurance

1. Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-existing medical conditions must be declared to your travel insurance company. Yes, it pushes up the price but the insurance company will not cover you, if they discover you didn’t declare something they can attribute to a pre-existing condition.

2. Personal Liability Cover

We recommend taking a personal liability cover for a peace of mind. In the unlikely event of causing injury or destroying someone else’s property, you are covered.

3. Extreme activities

If at the location of your holiday, you want to go skiing, parasailing or bungee jumping, then do ensure that your policy covers such activities.

4. Cancellation

If for some reason you can’t go on your holiday or right after arriving you have to cut it short, do make sure that your policy covers this aspect.

5. Medical Evacuation/Repatriation of Remains

You should check if your policy will pay to have you taken back home for treatment. While it is distressing to even think about, in the extreme possibility of death of one of your family on holiday, making sure that your insurance covers taking the body back.

6. Flying Family out

In the event you can’t be moved after an accident during your holiday, will your insurance fly your family to you?

7. Stolen cash/Baggage Loss

It’s handy to have a cover for a stolen wallet or lost baggage

Compare Travel Insurance

With these tips, we’d encourage you to compare travel insurance options before you buy.

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Buy Travel Insurance

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