Things to do in Finland on your family holiday

Things to do in Finland

Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) dancing above Glass Igloos in Lapland, Finland.

​Enchanting & Refreshing Family Holiday in Finland

When people think of a European holiday, an often overlooked option are holidays to Finland. With four very well defined seasons with the “midnight sun” and dark days in the winter, Finland is a beautiful country with thousands of lakes and enthralling forests. Finland is also one of the places to see the Northern Lights. And what makes Finland extra special for children, is that this is the home of Santa Claus! A safe country with friendly people, this makes Finland holidays a family vacation destination enjoyable any time of the year. Here is our list of things to do in Finland when you are on holiday. We hope this inspires you to consider a holiday to Finland. 

Things to do in Finland 

Helsinki & The Archipelago

 Finland Holidays - Helsinki


The capital of Finland is renowned for its charming Art Nouveau architecture. There are plenty of boutiques to browse and restaurants to try out while you explore the city on foot. With 330 islands of the Helsinki archipelago, there are plenty of places to explore, camp or experience the beach in the summer.

With the sun shining for 24 hours a day during June to August, and temperatures between 15C-30C there is plenty to do. Some of the favourite activities of the Finns in the summer include fishing, swimming, sailing, attending music festivals and revelling in the 100 days of sunshine before the days get dark.


Holidays to Finland - Lakeland

Finnish Lakeland

Doesn't this picture look so peaceful and idyllic ? Finland has nearly a 1000 lakes and the largest lake district in Europe which is a sight to behold. During the spring and summer, the labyrinth of lakes and forests are perfect for exploring. Lakeland is the birth place of Jean Sibelius, the famous Finnish composer. Kayaking, paddling, visiting museums, castles are just some of the things to do if you visit Lakeland.  This variety of activities is one of the main reasons why family visitors enjoy holidays to Finland. 



Experience the autumnal colours in Lapland by going on hikes and watch the whole landscape turn intense colours from orange, red and yellow. This is a very short period of about a week in mid September.

Things to do in Finland in Winter

If you are considering the things to do in Finland in the winter, you've got the amazing Northern Lights, skiing, sleigh rides and of course visiting Santa Claus. 

Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights

Finnish Lapland provides stunning views of the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights from as early as end of August till about April. Seeing the Northern Lights is a magical experience and you will be left amazed by the beauty of the spectacular natural phenomena. See our article on best places to see the Northern Lights for more on this.

Holidays to Finland - Northern Lights

Colourful Aurora Borealis

Skiing & Sleigh Rides

Lapland also provides skiing opportunities from October till about end of May, with the high season being between February and May. There are kiddy slopes as well as plenty of skiing and winter activities for adults.

Reindeers and huskies are part of the winter experience in Finnish Lapland. Take a reindeer sleigh ride or ride with the huskies, something else that will be memorable.

Finland Holidays - Winter

Finnish Lapland in Winter

Santa Claus

Things to do in Finland - Santa Clause Post Office

Santa Claus Post Office in Rovaniemi

A family holiday in Finland must cover Rovaniemi which is the home to Santa Claus as well as the capital of Finnish Lapland. For families with young children, what better than getting to meet Santa Claus at his post office? Rovaniemi is also located in the Arctic Circle is pretty much as far north as most of us will ever go!

For an enchanting and refreshing vacation, why consider holidays to Finland? 

If this will be the first time you are traveling abroad with your kids, then don't worry, here are some tips to make it a great family holiday. ​